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Andrey Shtylenko is a serial entrepreneur, speaker and mentor with portfolio of businesses including,, and others with experience of several exits. Being an active contributor to startup community, Mr. Shtylenko is also a mentor for multiple entrepreneurship programs, author of several seminars and coaching programs on business development, business communication and talent discovery.

Andrey is:

  • mentor @ several startup incubation & acceleration programs
  • author of several trainings and coaching programs on business, communication & personal productivity
  • speaker @ live and online conferences
  • organiser of CareerStarters and DEF-U mini-conference

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Clients and Partners


What other people are saying about Andrey's work

  • I attended Andrey’s workshop on the topic of “Networking for start-up founders” which left me with very positive impressions. He is an excellent speaker who expresses both great knowledge and passion about the subject.
    Andrey gave us very solid and straight-to-the-point advice on how to improve and cultivate our networking skills, and also always clearly explained the reasoning behind it. Although the workshop lasted for almost seven hours, I haven’t felt a single moment of boredom. I would highly recommend it to anyone!

  • Just finishing a seminar “Networking for startups and founders” with Andrey in IMPACT HUB, Zagreb, Croatia. Great lectures and exercises which triggered new thoughts and helped me reshape my business idea. Thank you Andrey!

  • Andrey helped my personal and professional development plans a great deal. I met Andrey while he was holding a lecture about Networking, a subject he seems to be very familiar with. It was after meeting him when I realized how much more work I have to invest in to my personal and professional development. Hopefully I will get another chance to learn from him in the future, because I know there is so much more I could learn from him about networking and many other areas of social business interactions.

  • I met Andrey as one of the mentors for the Inkubator program I was attending (from ImpactHub Zagreb). He was one of the speakers whose lectures left the biggest impression on me. His workshops are meticulously structured and very insightful. He gladly offers to help and as a serial entrepreneur, he has ability to look things from a different angle which makes him very inspiring interlocutor. I’ve used many of his advices with my own venture which has helped me to become more efficient and goal oriented.

  • I met Andrey during a state-funded project intended to strengthen the visibility of our new services on the market. We were developing an entirely new portfolio of ICT training courses, and were particularly keen not just to attract young people to the course, but also to raise their awareness of the entrepreneurial potential it often takes to become a successful ICT expert. Many young people believe that finding a job is merely somebody else’s job, such as a rich employer’s headhunter knocking on your door with a right offer. We organised events to mark the national Lifelong Learning Week campaign in the region, and this is where Andrey jumped in with two of his motivational seminars selected for the purpose, entitled “Achieving Outstanding Results by Discovering Your Life Purpose” and “Finding and Getting Hired for Your Dream Job”. His straightforward and goal-oriented approach earned interest and approval with the audience and entirely accomplished its mission. In addition, Andrey was able to provide advice on setting the right course for our marketing strategies focusing on the profit-making odds. Andrey was highly efficient and professional at all times, reliable and impressive with his presenting skills. Once he understands your market position and your business logic, he can give you an often unexpected angle of experienced and perceptive expert. Many thanks, Andrey!

  • I can highly recommend Andrey’s workshops and lectures. He is the very definition of a speaker. I know very few people with such comprehensive knowledge and exceptional communication and presentation skills. He always keeps the whole group entertained with such ease! Despite that, he brings together a rare set of skills and experiences that span some of the most challenging startup industries. If you are presented with the opportunity to work with him – grab it!

  • I had the pleasure to work with Andrey on “Summer Jam Croatia 2014″ international conference for young entrepreneurs. Andrey had a role of mentor and speaker. As a mentor, he led the teams in their business model development and recieved the most positive feedback from all participants. In terms of knowledge transfer and guidance through his mentorship role, he received the highest grade in feedback from conference delegates. For all reasons stated above, I strongly recommend Andrey for all similar roles in the future.

  • I have met Andrey for around 3 years and due to his expertise in entrepreneurship I invited him last year to be part of the Inkubator (the early-stage entrepreneurial program from Impact Hub Zagreb) as mentor. His skills on communication and networking plus being a resourceful and goal-oriented individual, allowed participants to thrive in their development, he really added value to the whole mentorship model. I’m personally very satisfied with his support and role as mentor and look forward to have him around in the next project.